Continuous Cuffless Monitoring May Fuel Lifestyle Change to Lower BP

Last reviewed:
20 Sep 2022
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Wearing a cuffless device on the wrist to continuously monitor blood pressure (BP) was associated with a significantly lower systolic BP at 6 months among hypertensive adults, real-world results from Europe show.

Medically Reviewed

Traditional blood pressure cuff vs. Aktiia

Meets ISO81060-2 Standard
Day-Time Blood Pressure
Average 70+ a week
Night-Time Blood Pressure
Automatic Measurements

About the Author

Tiago Almeida is a distinguished scientist and researcher, boasting an impressive 15 years of experience in healthcare solutions and medical devices. Throughout his career, Tiago has focused on bridging the gaps between signal processing methods, biomedical engineering, and clinical needs, solidifying his expertise in these areas.

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