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The Aktiia blood pressure app is designed to give you a clear and simple breakdown of your 24/7 blood pressure readings, empowering you to take a proactive approach to manage your health. Working in tandem with our monitoring bracelet, the app delivers the insights you and your doctor need to stay in control of your blood pressure and move towards a life free from hypertension.

Get the answers you need to questions such as:

What percentage of the time is your blood pressure within its target range?

What are the main drivers contributing to a rise in your blood pressure?

Are you experiencing a drop in your blood pressure while you sleep?

How are your medications affecting your blood pressure?

What is the impact of diet, exercise and stress on your heart health?

How our blood pressure monitoring app works

The Aktiia blood pressure monitor syncs with the app via Bluetooth LE, taking the insights directly from the monitor and visualising them in our easy to use interface. So you can go about your day while Aktiia measures in the background every hour. Open up the app to view and understand your measurements with ease.

Wearing the monitor allows you to get round-the-clock blood pressure measurements via the app to gain a comprehensive insight into the impact of your actions on your blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Data is collected 24/7 to highlight trends over time as you tune your habits, and you can quickly generate and share digital reports with your doctor to monitor the impact of your current hypertension management program.


Use the Aktiia app to calibrate your Aktiia bracelet with the included cuff. Then, store the cuff until re-initialisation in a month.


Go about your daily life uninterrupted—Aktiia measures in the background every hour, with a battery life of up to nine days.


Sync via BLE with the Aktiia App to track your blood pressure measurements over days, weeks, and months.


Sync via BLE with the Aktiia App to track your blood pressure measurements over days, weeks, and months.


Use the insights gained and your physician’s treatment plan to keep your hypertension under control and live a healthier life.

What will the app tell you?

1) At the top of the screen, you will see the 24 hour average of your blood pressure values. This is a quick overview of your BP and encourages you to read further.

2) The colour-coded graph shows you how your blood pressure varied during the day and night.

3) The Trends card lets you know whether you should be worried about any red spikes or if they are isolated measurements that aren’t a cause for concern.

4) This is your resting heart rate value, averaged over 24 hours. Any number between 60 and 100 is considered as good. To learn more about how to interpret your data, visit the Insights page.

You can also view your readings over the course of a week or month to see more trends in your blood pressure over time.

Sharing the data with your doctor

You can share a weekly summary report directly with your doctor from the app itself. This makes it easier than ever for you both to keep on top of how your hypertension management program is working.

On the Profile section of your Aktiia app, click on “Generate report”

Select the current week and click on “Generate PDF report”

Share report

If your doctor has any questions about Aktiia, such as how accurate it is and has it been clinically validated, please have them visit the Evidence page on our website for all the details.


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Getting started with the app

The Aktiia blood pressure app is designed for easy use, so follow these steps to get started:


Download the Aktiia app onto your smartphone.


Create your account.


Initialise your Aktiia bracelet using the instructions in the box.


Store your cuff for re-initialisation once a month. Then, wear the bracelet as you go about your daily life, and Aktiia will take care of the rest, automatically measuring your blood pressure throughout the day and night.


Open the Aktiia app in the morning to compare your overnight blood pressure to your daytime measurements, and recheck the app at night to see what percentage of the time you were in your target range over the course of the day. It’s just that easy!


We know the importance of security and privacy for our users, so you can rest assured that Aktiia is fully GDPR compliant and puts data privacy at the heart of what we do.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Smart
  • iOS and Android App
  • Compatible with iOS 13, Android 8
  • and Bluetooth 4.2 or newer
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

“Aktiia’s technology could be a potential lifesaver. I feel it’s more accurate than anything else on the market.  As a result, my GP has put me on BP medication otherwise I would have been walking around for even more years with very high blood pressure. Thank-you”


“I have found wearing the monitor to be very comfy and extremely useful in letting me know how my body is working. The wrist device is small and compact which doesn’t impact my daily activities which are perfect for me.”


“I used to take my readings with a cuff everyday. It was painful and interrupted my mornings. Aktiia is much easier – I don’t even have to think about it most of the time.”


“Its a lot less of a hassle to share my blood pressure with my GP through the application rather than writing it all down myself.”


“A discreet, personal, comfortably fitting, blood pressure monitor. Brilliant for checking your BP and HR averages over days, weeks and months. Instantly spot any strange deviations from your normal readings.”


“Positive, and eye-opening to find out my heart rate as well as my sys/dia. was very useful to be able to monitor at any time of the day.”



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