Proven over Decades

Our founders have dedicated their careers to research and development of a clinically accurate, reliable, and convenient way to monitor blood pressure at home 24/7.

We turn insights into action in the fight against hypertension

At Aktiia, we harness the power of data to inform and engage people with hypertension and to enable physicians to deliver more targeted and timely care.

Aktiia History

The unique data from Aktiia’s automated 24/7 blood pressure solution leads to never-before-possible insights about cardiovascular health.

It’s our mission to transform this data into programs and service that will help people live their lives free from hypertension.

Team / Aktiia’s team of experts has:

4 PhD’s in biomedical signal processing​
Over 120 peer-reviewed publications
Over 35 collective patents
Member of ISO/IEEE committees
Editor of "Cuffless Blood Pressure Handbook"
  • Mattia Bertschi

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Josep Solà

    Chief Technology Officer

Advised By

  • Dr. Jay Shah, MD

    Chief Medical Officer, Aktiia & Medical Director Thoracic Aortic Diseases, Mayo Clinic
  • Dr. Grégoire Wuerzner

    Pr. Grégoire Wuerzner Principal Investigator of the pivotal validation studies, CHUV, Switzerland
  • M.D. Bruce S. Alpert

    Medical Consultant, American Heart Association, US
  • Prof. Melvin Lobo

    NHS Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Director Barts BP Clinic

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