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of adults suffer from hypertension


are not aware of their condition​


of those diagnosed don’t have it under control​


Billion annual worldwide cost of hypertension​

Validated Accuracy

Our pivotal study has proven that the Aktiia solution is as accurate as accepted reference measurements.

Meets ISO81060-2 standard1

Systolic BP Accuracy:
 0.45 ± 7.75 mmHg1

Diastolic BP Accuracy:
 0.38 ± 6.86 mmHg1

Accurate in multiple body positions

Supported by Five Clinical Trials

Aktiia believes in complete transparency of our clinical trial results. Read the selection of our latest publications:


Validation of the Aktiia blood pressure cuff for clinical use

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Aktiia cuffless blood pressure monitor yields equivalent daytime blood pressure to an ambulatory one

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Guidance for the interpretation of continual cuffless blood pressure data, as highlighted by Aktiia

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Validation of the optical Aktiia bracelet in different body positions

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Blood pressure from the optical Aktiia Bracelet: a 1-month validation study

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Aktiia Accuracy Compared to Invasive Arterial Lines

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Aktiia Accuracy Across Age, Gender, BMI, and Skin Color

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Aktiia Accuracy in Different Body Positions

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Off-the-shelf Optical Sensors for BP Estimation

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Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Auscultation as a Reference Method

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Continuous optical BPM in the perioperative setting

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Tracking BP Changes in Anesthetised Patients

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“As the principal investigator of Aktiia’s pivotal clinical trial, I am pleased that the result of our study shows that Aktiia solution is accurate and allows patients and physicians to track their blood pressure daily. I believe Aktiia solution has the potential to change the management of hypertension.”

Pr. Grégoire Wuerzner

Principal Investigator of the pivotal validation studies,  CHUV, Switzerland

  • Pr. Grégoire Wuerzner

    Principal Investigator of the pivotal validation studies, CHUV, Switzerland
  • Dr. Bruce Alpert

    Plough Foundation Chair of Excellence, U of TN​. American Heart Association Fellow​
  • Prof. Melvin Lobo

    NHS Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Director Barts BP Clinic

Aktiia’s Approach to Pulse Wave Analysis

Aktiia’s Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring (OBPM®) technology analyses photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals acquired at your wrist to estimate blood pressure, with no pain or inflation.


PPG Sensor

The aktiia bracelet shines a green light to analyse how the arteries below the skin surface pulsate. This is the same sensing principle as most other optical heart rate monitors at the wrist.


Optical Signal

Aktiia goes beyond a heart rate monitor: instead of counting pulses, we examine their shape.


OBPM Algorithm

The pulse shape of your skin arteries contains information on your actual blood pressure.


Blood Pressure

Unfortunately, this information is obscured by noise.
After 20 years of research and validation, Aktiia is able to extract this information to provide you with accurate blood pressure values around the clock.

Why Does 24/7 Blood Pressure Matter?

Decades of clinical research support the importance of:
  • More frequent, accurate blood pressure measurements at home
  • Measurement of nighttime blood pressure to assess cardiovascular risk
  • Adjustment of medication titration based on blood pressure changes
  • The impact of lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, or meditation on blood pressure control.
Track systolic and diastolic blood pressure daily to understand longterm impact of lifestyle choices on your health.
Discover blood pressure patterns with our easy-to-read monthly trend lines, helping you to visualize your health journey at a glance.
Compare average blood pressure readings between weekdays and weekends to gauge the effect of stress on your blood pressure.

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