Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor

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Our clinically validated device will measure your blood pressure during optimal times throughout your day and night without you needing to give it a second thought.

Thanks to years of proven research, your unique data will be insightful and sharable with your physician.

Why Aktiia


Wear it and forget it – thanks to automated blood pressure readings.


Gain deeper knowledge of your heart health.


Aktiia comes with 18 years of research and development, validated through clinical evidence.


Elegant and comfortable for extended wear.


Easily share a summary of your blood pressure data with your doctor.


Trusted by doctors and considered as a partner in the fight against hypertension.

Start managing your blood pressure

Track systolic and diastolic blood pressure daily to understand longterm impact of lifestyle choices on your health.
Discover blood pressure patterns with our easy-to-read monthly trend lines, helping you to visualize your health journey at a glance.
Compare average blood pressure readings between weekdays and weekends to gauge the effect of stress on your blood pressure.
  • Comfortable Swiss design made for extended wear
  • Automatically track 800+ precision measurements per month
  • Compare day/night blood pressure averages and your daily time-in-range
  • Monitor the impact of diet, exercise and stress on your heart health
  • Share insights with your doctor for informed medication adjustments
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    Review 1

    Gender Male

    Age 35 to 44

    Practical & Convenient

    Aktiia 24/7 blood pressure monitor is the most practical and great addition to my gadgets. Its Aktiia app is very user friendly and easier to set up. Once connected it takes your average blood pressure reading by taking 3 readings. Then it takes 1 reading every hour through out the day giving you a better insight by giving you the average blood pressure as well as your heart rate. The blood pressure monitor bracelet is comfortable to wear and use throughout the day.

    The bracelet paired with its blood pressure cuff has its own long lasting batteries easily chargeable & convenient to use, no long wires no big tunings, once charged can be used for a long time .

    Aktiia app can be downloaded both for IOS or Android phones, which is easy to use & also keep records & generate records to show to your physician .
    In current times I think its very important for everyone to keep a track of their health and aktiia app makes It easier to track, monitor and share the information with your healthcare provider easily.

    The aktiia monitor has exceeded my expectations and I will definitely recommend it.

    Recommends this product ✔ Yes

    Birmingham, West Midlands

    Review 1

    Gender Male

    Age 35 to 44

    A comfortable gadget to wear throughout the day an

    This bracelet is great way to monitor blood pressure – it also has a very sleek and stylish design which I love. I never realised how much my blood pressure varied at different times of day and night. The app for the monitor is an excellent companion for it – it is very easy to use, understand and follow. The app also makes it effortless and convenient for me to share my information as and when required. The measurements taken from this device are accurate and I have really benefited from monitoring my blood pressure on a regular basis. This bracelet is a real game changer and I highly recommend it to anyone needing to monitor blood pressure regularly.

    Recommends this product ✔ Yes
    Xavier de Roquemaurel, NE

    Neuchâtel, NE

    Review 1

    Gender Male

    Age 45 to 54

    Aktiia 2.0

    Aktiia is the best monitoring system that a patient of cardiovascular accident like me (aortic dissection) can dream to have today. Still it could evolve and improve to help further the users as one return to a more active life after some months of recovery. Here is how I imagine Aktiia 2.0: the software and app would evolve to a 3 modes activity and measurement: Normal (as of today, with a measurement made every 2 hours), Sport (with a measurement made every 10 minutes), Immediate (with a one-off measurement to check blood pressure in case of stress). This would be a fantastic evolution for the patients. And an innovator needs to be ahead of its competition.

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    9-Day Battery Life

    Secure & Private

    Not Water Resistant


    • Band fits wrist sizes from 14cm to 21cm circumference

    Battery & Power

    • Battery Life: Up to 9 days
    • Full charge in 90 minutes


    • Polycarbonate and Glass Fiber casing
    • Hypoallergenic silicone band
    • Durable stainless steel hardware


    • Bluetooth Low Energy Smart
    • iOS and Android App
    • Compatible with iOS 13, Android 8 and Bluetooth 4.2 or newer

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Weight 20g
    • Electronics: 8.5mm thick x 16mm wide x 34mm long
    • Strap: 0.75mm thick x 14mm wide x 231.5mm long


    • What countries do you ship to?

      At this time, we are only accepting orders and shipping to Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, UK and the Republic of Ireland. However, please sign up for our International newsletter to get updates on when the product may be available in your country.

    • Who is the product approved for use?

      Aktiia has been validated in multiple clinical trials and received CE Mark clearance for users aged 21-85, excluding contraindications due to certain health conditions. Please refer to the user manual for a complete list of contraindications.

      Aktiia is in the process of conducting additional research to expand our intended user population, including testing the product with diabetics.

    • How long is the warranty period?

      Aktiia warrants that your product is free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery of the Aktiia product.

    • Why is it necessary to use the initialization cuff?

      Aktiia uses a new method to estimate your blood pressure: to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of inflating a cuff around your arm multiple times per day, the Aktiia bracelet uses optical sensors that indirectly estimate your relative blood pressure changes. However, to obtain absolute blood pressure readings in units of mmHg, Aktiia still requires what we call an “initialization” that needs to be done once every month and involves using a traditional blood pressure cuff during a short session.

      You can think of it as setting the right time when you buy a new watch. If you don’t perform this step, your watch will still show you that time is passing, but it won’t indicate the same time as your friend’s watch. The same applies to the Aktiia monitor: if the initialization is not performed, the bracelet will still measure the fluctuations in blood pressure. Still, it will not show a value in mmHg that can be compared with another blood pressure monitor. Similarly, as you need to periodically readjust your watch to ensure it is still accurate, a new initialization is required every month to ensure the accuracy of the Aktiia bracelet.

    • How does the Aktiia bracelet and cuff connect to the Aktiia mobile App?

      Aktiia uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity to transfer data between the bracelet and the mobile application running on a smartphone.

    • What’s included in the box?

      Each box contains an Aktiia bracelet, initialisation cuff, charging base, USB cable and user manual.

    • Can I leave the Aktiia bracelet on when I swim, bathe or shower?

      No, the Aktiia bracelet is not water-resistant. Therefore, it should not be immersed or exposed to water moving with force, such as water coming from a tap, shower, ocean waves or waterfalls. Also, do not expose to intense sweat (sauna).

    • How does Aktiia estimate my blood pressure?

      Please refer to the “BP App” section Blood Pressure Monitoring App For Accurate Readings – Aktiia on our website for a detailed explanation of how Aktiia’s technology works.

    • How often does the Aktiia bracelet take a BP reading?

      Aktiia Bracelet is not set to read at any specific time intervals; Aktiia bracelet will attempt a reading as soon as the user is still. The number of readings will depend on the user’s level of activity.

    • Will the Aktiia app work with a tablet or a smartwatch?

      No, the Aktiia mobile application is not designed or formatted to work with tablet devices or smartwatches at this time.

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    Size guide

    M / Medium size
    for wrists circumferences from 12cm to 19cm

    L / Large size
    for wrists circumferences from 16cm to 21cm


    How to measure

    Please utilise a flexible measuring tape to determine the circumference of your wrist. Position the tape slightly above the wrist bone to ensure accurate placement.