Tiago Almeida

Aktiia Sr Scientific Communication Specialist


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Tiago Almeida is a distinguished scientist and researcher with more than  many years of experience in healthcare solutions and medical devices. Throughout his career, Tiago has focused on and solidified his expertise in bridging the gaps between signal processing methods, biomedical engineering, and clinical needs.

An innate storyteller, Tiago has specialised in scientific communication and dissemination. His ability to effectively communicate complex scientific and medical information to various target audiences has made him an invaluable asset in driving business strategies, aligning organisational goals, and ultimately enhancing healthcare delivery.

Before joining Aktiia, Tiago engaged in diverse activities within both industry and academia. He collaborated with corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, where he held responsibilities in Supply Chain throughout Europe. In academia, he spearheaded world-class research projects, collaborating with cross-functional teams comprising doctors and engineers in Brazil, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Tiago holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering with a specialisation in Cardiovascular Sciences. Presently, he leads the Scientific Communication Program at Aktiia, overseeing the development of a publication roadmap tailored to meet short- and long-term business objectives.

Beyond his professional achievements, Tiago is a passionate advocate for bringing people together. Known to spend hours engaging in conversation, he possesses a natural ability to foster connections and build relationships. In his leisure time, Tiago immerses himself in movies, appreciating them as the ultimate form of storytelling. He also enjoys playing the ukulele, albeit modestly referring to himself as a “noise-maker”.

With his expertise, passion for storytelling, and knack for bringing people together, Tiago continues to demonstrate that Aktiia offers a unique platform capable of revolutionising hypertension management programs. With his contributions he wants to enhance patient adherence, improve the quality of care, and increase treatment efficacy in order to leave a lasting impact on healthcare.

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