Pioneering Collaboration: Aktiia SA Joins Forces with Renowned Researchers in the GAPP Study

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20 Oct 2023
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Aktiia SA, leaders in cuffless blood pressure technology, is excited to partner with Professors David Conen (McMaster University) and Lorenz Risch (Private University of Liechtenstein) for the ongoing GAPP study. With over a decade of research and over 2000 participants, the study aims to deepen our understanding of blood pressure and cardiovascular risks. Stay tuned for insights and findings from this collaboration. Dive in for more details.

Medically Reviewed

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Renowned cardiologist, physician leader, and angel investor.

Traditional blood pressure cuff vs. Aktiia

Meets ISO81060-2 Standard
Day-Time Blood Pressure
Average 70+ a week
Night-Time Blood Pressure
Automatic Measurements

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