Blood Pressure Monitor Review: What People Say About Aktiia

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28 Jul 2023,

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Blood Pressure Monitor Review: What People Say About Aktiia

You’ve heard that Aktiia makes it easy to gain deeper knowledge of your heart health by gathering 24/7 insights about your blood pressure. It’s backed by 18 years of research and development, validated through clinical evidence. But what does the average Aktiia review say? What are the pros and cons of this device, and what is the experience really like?

We’ve gathered a range of Aktiia reviews from around the web, with links so you can check out the full write-up. Here’s what people say.

  • Abundance of data

  • Reliable wearable

  • Accurate readings validated within ISO accuracy standards

  • Long-lasting battery

  • Simple setup and calibration

  • Insightful data in the app
  • Doesn’t track blood pressure during exercise

  • Isn’t waterproof

  • Data doesn’t integrate with other health apps

  • Not recommended for people with certain medical conditions that interfere with continuous readings

Aktiia review: Pros

Andrea Koncz of The Medical Futurist highlights Aktiia’s “abundance of data” through continuous blood pressure monitoring, without the need for an uncomfortable cuff. It’s a “reliable wearable” that shows “non-invasive BP monitoring has huge potential for the near future.” 

Over at the MailOnline, Ryan Morrison writes, “Having worn the device for the past month, you very quickly forget you are wearing it, and with a battery that lasts most of the month, it’s even easier to forget.” Morrison shares that he is on medication for hypertension, but there are also lifestyle changes he can make to improve his blood pressure. “Having the device, and seeing a continuous track of my blood pressure, allowed me to link different foods and activities to my blood pressure level.”

Charles McLellan of ZDNET highlights Aktiia’s accuracy: “Aktiia’s pivotal clinical trial showed that its solution performed within the ISO accuracy standards for systolic and diastolic measurements, and for measurements taken in multiple body positions. This led to it receiving a CE Mark as a Class IIa medical device in December 2020.”

Setup and calibration is straightforward, according to Jamie Carter of TechRadar, and the app is “simple, easy to understand and practically useful.” 

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Aktiia review: Cons

Koncz notes that Aktiia is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions, such as arrhythmia, as “continuous BP monitoring may not be accurate in these cases.” Aktiia is not a fitness tracker, and it doesn’t track your blood pressure during exercise.

While Aktiia is ideal for continuous blood pressure readings, McLellan points out that the product can’t gather readings on the spot-however Aktiia provides a validated standard cuff for exactly this purpose and you can take spot check readings. Aktiia also requires you to calibrate the bracelet each month with exactly that blood pressure cuff, which McLellan describes as “a bit of a hassle, but this may be phased out in due course.” Additionally, Aktiia’s data does not integrate with other health apps. However, Aktiia is currently working on allowing BP data to be imported into other apps, such as Apple Health.

Carter said that Aktiia “isn’t waterproof, so you have to remove it each time you take a shower or swim.” This feature will be addressed in a future version of the bracelet. Carter also pointed out that, although the device charges using a micro USB slot, it needs to be recharged “on a small proprietary recharging cradle” that “could easily get lost.” However, there is a micro USB cable in the box.

The bottom line

You should feel empowered to take charge of your heart health. Our 24/7 blood pressure monitor is designed to be straightforward, simple to use, and easy to share with your doctor so you can work together to build the best action plan for your overall wellness. Aktiia reviews highlight this ease of use, from the lightweight bracelet to the insights contained in the Aktiia app. Limitations include the fact that Aktiia isn’t waterproof (yet) and the data doesn’t yet integrate with other health apps, which will be available in future versions. To learn more about Aktiia, explore our Evidence page. 

Disclaimer: If you are concerned about your blood pressure, speak to your healthcare provider.


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