Aktiia Secures CHF 27 Million (USD 30M) in Funding

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27 Feb 2024,
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Aktiia Secures CHF 27 Million (USD 30M) in Funding from Khosla Ventures and Others, Welcomes Daniel Graf as New President and Board Member to Accelerate Innovation in Hypertension Management.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland – February 27, 2024 – Aktiia, the Swiss HealthTech innovator behind the world’s first wrist-worn 24/7 optical blood pressure monitoring device, announced the completion of a CHF 27 million (USD 30M) funding round, led by Redalpine with participation from an international investor syndicate including Khosla Ventures, Molten, Translink Capital, Verve, and 415 Capital. This strategic infusion of capital will accelerate Aktiia’s mission to ease the global burden of hypertension by providing groundbreaking insights into blood pressure management through AI-driven technology, currently used by over 60,000 customers and dozens of healthcare organizations.

In conjunction with this funding, Aktiia is delighted to welcome Daniel Graf as its new President and Board Member. Daniel, a seasoned technology executive with a distinguished career at companies like Uber and Google, brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, product innovation, and scaling businesses. His leadership will be instrumental in guiding Aktiia’s strategic direction and expansion as the company continues to pioneer advancements in hypertension management.

“Aktiia’s commitment to transforming the way blood pressure is treated and understood aligns perfectly with my passion for leveraging technology to address pressing healthcare challenges,” said Daniel Graf. “I am excited to join this talented team and contribute to a future where hypertension management is more proactive, data-driven, personalized, and effective.”

Aktiia’s CE-marked device is currently available in seven European markets and approved as a medical device in 44 countries worldwide. Built on 20+ years of research, Aktiia’s technology provides unparalleled innovation and ease in blood pressure data collection and machine learning modeling, offering personalized, continuous, and medical-grade blood pressure and heart rate data.  Aktiia empowers people, researchers, and clinicians with unique blood pressure data paving the way for novel understanding and personalized patient care of hypertension.

With over 300 million data points from across the globe, Aktiia’s continuous blood pressure dataset is growing exponentially, creating countless opportunities for deep learning on public health trends and patterns to advance our understanding of blood pressure, to provide predictive insights on a global scale.

“We are proud to have Daniel join our board and executive team,” said Mattia Bertschi, CEO of Aktiia. “His expertise in scaling innovative technologies will be invaluable as we continue to expand our reach and impact in the global healthcare market. The infusion of new capital from a stellar group of visionary investors is a testament to the confidence our partners have in our technology, and we are excited to accelerate our efforts to revolutionize hypertension management.”

Aktiia’s mission has never been more critical, with over 1.4 billion people worldwide affected by high blood pressure, resulting in more than 18 million related deaths annually. The company is dedicated to changing the paradigm of blood pressure management, making it more accessible, accurate, and actionable for people worldwide.For more information about Aktiia, please visit Aktiia’s website.

About Aktiia:

Founded in Switzerland in May 2018, Aktiia was born out of a passion to create the best tool for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. Founders Drs. Mattia Bertschi (CEO) and Josep Solà (CTO) spent 15 years at the prestigious Swiss research institute CSEM, deciphering the language of the heart to deepen our understanding of blood pressure. Today, Aktiia’s diverse team of 40+ extraordinary individuals is transforming years of innovative research into a global healthcare solution, offering the most complete and user-friendly blood pressure companion to date.

Media Contact:

Assad Khan

Email: press@aktiia.com

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