Aktiia continues to learn and improve in the fight against hypertension

Medically supported by five clinical trials and 20+ peer-reviewed papers, validated accuracy
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Why Aktiia


Wear it and forget it - thanks to automated blood pressure readings.


Gain deeper knowledge of your heart health.


Aktiia comes with 18 years of research and development, trusted by clinicians.

Swiss Design

Elegant and comfortable for extended wear.


Easily share a summary of your blood pressure data with your clinician.

Aktiia vs a traditional at-home blood pressure cuff

You might be curious to understand the differences between a traditional at-home blood pressure cuff and Aktiia.

To put it simply, Aktiia meets the ISO81060-2 standards to ensure accuracy and is far more convenient, as Aktiia’s automated readings record an average of over 70 readings per week, day and night.


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Life, Uninterrupted

24/7 Blood Pressure Insights

Stress-free, pain-free measurements all day and night.

So lightweight, you won’t even know it’s on

Easily view and understand your measurements in the Aktiia App


24/7 Insights

  • Does your blood pressure decrease while you sleep?
  • Are you within your target blood pressure range every day?
  • How are your medications impacting your blood pressure?
  • What is the impact of your diet, exercise, and stress on your heart health?
Aktiia is the first ambulatory blood pressure monitoring solution that can help you answer these questions.

A Breakthrough 18 Years in the Making

Aktiia’s Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring solution has been tested through:

  • 18 years of research and development
  • 5 clinical trials
  • 20+ peer-reviewed papers
  • Over 70M optical measurements

How Aktiia Works


01. Initialise

Use the Aktiia app to calibrate your Aktiia bracelet with the included cuff. Store the cuff until re-initialisation in a month.


Go about your daily life, uninterrupted. Aktiia is measuring in the background every hour, with a battery life of up to nine days.


Sync via BLE with the Aktiia App to track your blood pressure measurements over days, weeks, and months.


Quickly share a PDF report with your physician prior to your next appointment. Report comes in summarised format for easy review.


Use the insights gained and your physicians treatment plan to keep your hypertension under control and live a healthier life.

“Aktiia’s technology could be a potential lifesaver. I feel it’s more accurate than anything else on the market.  As a result, my GP has put me on BP medication otherwise I would have been walking around for even more years with very high blood pressure. Thank-you.”


“I have found wearing the monitor to be very comfy and extremely useful in letting me know how my body is working. The wrist device is small and compact which doesn’t impact my daily activities which are perfect for me.”


“I used to take my readings with a cuff everyday. It was painful and interrupted my mornings. Aktiia is much easier – I don’t even have to think about it most of the time.”


“Its a lot less of a hassle to share my blood pressure with my GP through the application rather than writing it all down myself.”


“A discreet, personal, comfortably fitting, blood pressure monitor. Brilliant for checking your BP and HR averages over days, weeks and months. Instantly spot any strange deviations from your normal readings.”


“Positive, and eye-opening to find out my heart rate as well as my sys/dia. was very useful to be able to monitor at any time of the day.”


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