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Discover unique insights about your heart

Automatically track 800+ precision measurements per month
Compare day/night blood pressure averages and your daily time-in-range
Monitor the impact of diet, exercise, and stress on your heart health

Optimize lifestyle changes for better health

Improve your daily habits to achieve blood pressure goals
Share insights seamlessly with your doctor and loved ones
Provide your physician the data to inform medicine titration adjustments

Infuse style with effortless performance

Adventure for over a week without a single charge
Comfortable Swiss design made for extended wear
Lighter than a AA battery at 20g

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“Aktiia has exceeded my expectations and I will definitely recommend it.”


“This bracelet is a real game changer.”


“My doctor was able to confidently adjust my mediation based on the readings”


“The wristband is so light and soft that I forget it’s there and sleep is no problem.”

Paul B

“This is by far the best Blood Pressure monitoring system on the market.”


“By taking readings when I am unaware and only when I am resting, I’ve found that my blood pressure is near where it needs to be.”

Mike S

“Great product and great tech.”


“What an excellent device to help you manage your hypertension.”


The future of hypertension care is here

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Our Science

Aktiia is clinically validated for accuracy.

Meets ISO81060-2 standard
Systolic BP Accuracy: 0.45 ± 7.75 mmHg
Diastolic BP Accuracy: 0.38 ± 6.86 mmHg
Aktiia 2022 / 01

Guidance for the Interpretation of Continual Cuffless Blood Pressure Data, as Highlighted by Aktiia

Autors: Sola J, Cortes M, Perruchoud D, De Marco B, Lobo MD, Pellaton C, Wuerzner G, Fisher NDL and Shah J

Aktiia 2021 / 02

Validation of the Optical Aktiia Bracelet in Different Body Positions

Autors: Josep Sola1, Anna Vybornova, Sibylle Fallet, Erietta Polychronopoulou, Arlene Wurzner‐Ghajarzadeh & Gregoire Wuerzner

Aktiia 2021 / 03

Blood Pressure From the Optical Aktiia Bracelet: A 1-Month Validation Study

Autors: Anna Vybornova, Erietta Polychronopoulou, Arlène Wurzner-Ghajarzadeh, Sibylle Fallet, Josep Sola and Gregoire Wuerzner

Aktiia 2022 / 04

Aktiia Accuracy Compared to Invasive Arterial Lines

Pellaton, Cyril; Vybornova, Anna; Fallet, Sibylle; Marques, Luisaa; Grossenbacher, Olivier; De Marco, Bastien; Chapuis, Valentin; Bertschi, Mattia; Alpert, Bruce S.; Solà, Josep

Aktiia 2020 / 05

Aktiia Accuracy Across Age, Gender, BMI, and Skin Color

C. Pellaton, A. Vybornova, S. Fallet, L. Marques, O. Grossenbacher, B. De Marco, V. Chapuis, E. Olivero, M. Bertschi, B.S. Alpert, J. Sola

Aktiia 2020 / 06

Aktiia Accuracy in Different Body Positions

J. Solà, A. Vybornova, S. Fallet, E. Olivero, B. De Marco, O. Grossenbacher, N. Ignjatovic, B. Ignjatovic, M. Favre-Bulle, N. Levinson, N. Siutryk, V. Chapuis, M. Bertschi and B. Alpert


Traditional blood pressure cuff vs. Aktiia

Meets ISO81060-2 Standard
Day-Time Blood Pressure
Average 70+ a week
Night-Time Blood Pressure
Automatic Measurements

How Aktiia Works

1initialize & connect

Download the Aktiia app to your phone to connect your bracelet with an included cuff to complete the setup.

2Wear the wristband

Put on your bracelet and let Aktiia deliver 800+ monthly readings to your app while you go about your day.

3Share & Act

Turn your insights into action by sharing data with your doctor to gain better control of your blood pressure.

The new way to manage your blood pressure

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