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June 09, 2020Medscape — Will Cuffless Blood Pressure Measurement Make the Sphygmomanometer Obsolete?
May 13, 2020 Wearable Technology Insights —  Aktiia Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitor Proven Accurate
March 27, 2020Gadgets and Wearables — Swiss startup Aktiia raises $6.1 to develop optical blood pressure monitor
March 24, 2020EU-Startups — Swiss medtech Aktiia raises €5.6 million to bring its hypertension monitor bracelet to market
March 24, 2020 Wearable Technologies —  Aktiia Raises CHF 6 Million in Funding to Market its Cuffless Optical Blood Pressure Monitor
March 24, 2020 MobiHealthNews —  Swiss startup Aktiia scores over $6M for its cuff-less blood monitoring system
Jan 24, 2020News Break Las Vegas, NV — CES 2020: Aktiia Optical Blood Pressure Monitor
Jan 13, 2020Medgadget — CES 2020: Aktiia Optical Blood Pressure Monitor
Jan 9, 2020Digital Trends — The best health gadgets of CES 2020 combat dyslexia, sleep apnea, and more
Dec 22, —  TOP 100 – Meet the 5 Best Newcomers Startups of 2019 Ranking
Nov 28, — Das war die MEDICA 2019
Nov 18, — 10 Swiss Wearables Startups to Watch (and Wear!)
Nov 14, 2019Cardiovascular News — “Cuffless” system to monitor blood pressure could replace traditional methods
Nov 14, 2019Cardiac Rhythm News — “Cuffless” system to monitor blood pressure could replace traditional methods
Nov 11, 2019BIBA Medtech Insights — Study indicates novel “cuffless” blood pressure monitor has potential to replace traditional methods
Nov 4, — Clinical trial confirms accuracy of Aktiia’s cuffless blood pressure technology
Nov 4, 2019Wearable Technology Insights — Accuracy of Aktiia’s Cuffless Blood Pressure Technology is Revealed
Nov 1, 2019aktiia: Wearable Technologies — Accuracy of Aktiia’s cuffless blood pressure technology is revealed by a clinical trial in the ICU
Oct 10, 2019SUISSEPIC — Five medical startups in Switzerland
Oct 9, 2019Paris Match Suisse — Josep Sola et Mattia Bertschi : Aktiia
Aug 29, 2019Wearable Technologies — Deaths from Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure Slowing the Progress in Fight Against Heart Disease
Aug 27, 2019PME Magazine — Josep Sola, le startuper qui gravit les sommets
Aug 19, 2019Wearable Technologies — Wearable Technologies: Aktiia Gadget of the Month – AUGUST 2019
Aug 8, 2019MobiHealthNews — Video selfies could be the future of blood pressure monitoring
Jul 22, — Aktiia OPBM Single-center Prospective Observational Study Against Double Auscultation
May 14, 2019L’Express Schweiz — Georges Kotrotsios
Apr 20, 2019Mail Online — HEALTH NOTES: There’s now a bracelet to check blood pressure instead of that uncomfortable ‘sleeve’ machine
Mar 29, 2019Medgadget — Aktiia’s Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitor is Accurate for Months
Mar 14, — Aktiia achieves breakthrough with cuffless blood pressure monitor at the wrist
Mar 7, 2019MobiHealthNews — Paige.AI gets FDA breakthrough device designation, Aktiia reveals validation results and more digital health news briefs
Mar 7, 2019Wearable Technologies — Aktiia’s optical blood pressure technology proven accurate for two months without recalibration
Feb 12, — Validation of the Aktiia SA PulseWatch OBPM Device at the Wrist Against Invasive Blood Pressure Measurements (OBPM_ICU2018)
Oct 25, 2018MobiHealthNews — 72 digital health funding deals from Q3 2018
Oct 22, 2018L’ — Près de 50 start-up ont participé à la 5e édition de l’Alpine High‐Tech Venture Forum
Sep 27, 2018Medgadget — Interview with Tobias Pforr of aktiia, an Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring Company
Sep 25, — 24-Hour Blood Pressure Bracelet Could Combat Hypertension
Sep 25, 2018MobiHealthNews — Wearable continuous blood pressure monitoring company aktiia lands $4.1M
Sep 25, 2018L’ — Aktiia révolutionne la mesure de la pression artérielle
Sep 25, 2018Wearable Technologies — aktiia Raises 4 million Swiss Francs in a Seed Funding to Reinvent Blood Pressure Monitoring
Sep 25, — aktiia raises CHF 4M to reinvent blood pressure monitoring
May 22, 2018PR Newswire — Creation of aktiia SA – The Optical Revolution for Blood Pressure Monitoring
May 22, 2018MobiHealthNews — Swiss startup launches, aims to commercialize blood pressure bracelet