“Aktiia’s technology could be a potential lifesaver. I feel it’s more accurate than anything else on the market.  As a result, my GP has put me on BP medication otherwise I would have been walking around for even more years with very high blood pressure. Thank-you”


“I have found wearing the monitor to be very comfy and extremely useful in letting me know how my body is working. The wrist device is small and compact which doesn’t impact my daily activities which are perfect for me.”


“I used to take my readings with a cuff everyday. It was painful and interrupted my mornings. Aktiia is much easier – I don’t even have to think about it most of the time.”


“Its a lot less of a hassle to share my blood pressure with my GP through the application rather than writing it all down myself.”


“A discreet, personal, comfortably fitting, blood pressure monitor. Brilliant for checking your BP and HR averages over days, weeks and months. Instantly spot any strange deviations from your normal readings.”


“Positive, and eye-opening to find out my heart rate as well as my sys/dia. was very useful to be able to monitor at any time of the day.”

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