Aktiia’s EMBC 2020 Presentation

August 2020

The team at Aktiia believes we must share our research findings and trial results with our peers in the scientific, medical, and industry communities. Being open with our results and undergoing scrutiny from the many colleagues we respect across institutions helps us to improve our product and to gain the trust and confidence of our peers.

With this mission, last month Aktiia presented at the IEEE International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC). Anna Vyborna, who manages Clinical Operations and Algorithm Development at Aktiia, presented our latest research findings. We’re happy to share the full video of her presentation about how the Aktiia team designed an extended validation protocol for cuffless blood pressure monitors.

Aktiia’s Presentation at EMBC 2020

Even more recently, the Aktiia team also shared our research at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress. In this presentation, we compared our own cuffless systolic and diastolic measurements to intra-arterial measurements, and shared detailed results of our clinical trial. Read the abstract for more information here.

Aktiia thanks our industry colleagues for their continued interest, engagement, and feedback. We will continue to share our results and findings as we grow the company and the scope of our research activities.