About us

At Aktiia we believe in the power of science.

We are convinced that technology innovation will help us to learn more about ourselves, and to take the right decisions towards a healthier life. At the heart of Aktiia are our customers. We are in business because we care about people. We constantly strive to listen and simplify to provide the best solution possible.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding quality and efficiency to our customers. We refine every detail, with Swiss precision. 

Our mission

Aktiia wants to help people worldwide to better understand their blood pressure and motivate them to take action. We do so by joining groundbreaking technology monitoring and attentive human-centered design.


Mattia Bertschi

Josep Solà


Valentin Chapuis

Bastien De Marco

Sibylle Fallet

Matthieu Favre-Bulle

Olivier Grossenbacher

Blagoje Ignjatovic

Natalija Ignjatovic

Nora Levinson

Dusan Nastasijevic

Elisa Olivero

Nadège Siutryk

Nikola Tomovic

Anna Vybornova

Advised by

Dr. Grégoire Wuerzner

Advisory Board, CHUV, Switzerland

Prof. George S. Stergiou

Medical Consultant, European Society of Hypertension, Greece

M.D. Bruce S. Alpert

Medical Consultant, American Heart Association, US


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Aktiia Inc

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