Aktiia Closes Funding Round

March 2020

We’re proud to share that Aktiia has closed an additional CHF 6 million of funding. Now more than ever, we’re focused on improving the health outcomes of the one third of the adult population worldwide who are suffering from hypertension. We’ll be using the funds to bring our product to market, pending FDA clearance and CE mark.

This round of funding was led by Switzerland based Redalpine, with an international syndicate including Translink Capital (Palo Alto, US), Investiere (Zurich, Switzerland), Libra (New York, US), Christian Wenger (Zurich, Switzerland), Sparks Street Capital (Boston, US) and Barbaric Holdings (Montreal, Canada). “Getting blood pressure data 24/7, day and night, is a paradigm shift in the daily management of hypertension and will trigger a whole range of novel health- and wellness-related applications,” stated Michael Sidler, Co-Founder and Partner of Redalpine. Aktiia’s founders spoke with Laura Lovett from MobiHealthNews about the importance of day and night blood pressure measurements for the diagnosis and management of hypertension. Read the coverage here to learn more.

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Thank you to everyone who completed last month’s survey about underlying factors in your own hypertension. Leading responses were: genetics (47.1%), stress (45.7%), and lifestyle (37.1%). About 15% of respondents aren’t hypertensive, and 10% don’t know the underlying causes of their hypertension. Thanks again for sharing! This month, we’d like to send you our best wishes for health and well-being during these uncertain times. Stay safe.