Aktiia at CES 2020

January 2020

The Aktiia team is moving into the new year and new decade even more committed to our mission of reducing the burden of hypertension. And recent news suggests that this mission is more timely than ever: “how to lower blood pressure” was the #1 health-related question that Americans searched for on Google in 2019.

Source: CNN.com

We started off the year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While the Aktiia product is a medical device, we have taken a lot of inspiration from the best in consumer product design to ensure that we provide a beautiful and intuitive way to measure blood pressure for everyone.

While at CES, in addition to excellent discussions with industry partners and colleagues, we had the opportunity to share more about Aktiia with several different press outlets. View some of our coverage on Digital Trends and Medgadget.

Aktiia CTO Josep Solà, interviewed at CES by Medgadget

As this is a topic on many people’s minds, we’d like to start off the year with a survey to learn more about how you manage your own blood pressure: