Aktiia’s Clinical Trial in the ICU Published

November 2019

Aktiia’s vision is to provide around the clock blood pressure monitoring without the hassle and pain of inflating a cuff. But it’s important that doctors, patients, and family members can trust the measurements from this type of “cuffless” blood pressure monitor. That’s why we chose to hold ourselves to a very high standard by running clinical trials to compare the Aktiia device against measurements taken with invasive arterial lines from patients in the Intensive Care Unit. As we shared in our June update, Aktiia partnered with Dr. Cyril Pellaton and his team in the Hôpital Neuchâtelois, and conducted this clinical trial from February through June of this year. 

Aktiia has validated its technology against invasive catheters inserted in the arteries of patients

Now, together with Dr. Pellaton we are announcing the conclusion of the data analysis and its publication in the peer-reviewed journal Blood Pressure Monitoring. The trial results provide clear and compelling evidence on the reliability and accuracy of Aktiia’s Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring (OBPM)™ technology.

The clinical standard for blood pressure measurement accuracy requires the standard deviation of the error between a new device and a reference device to be less than 8mmHg. In this study, for systolic blood pressure, the results showed a standard deviation of ± 7.1 mmHg between the Aktiia optical device and the arterial catheter used as reference. For diastolic blood pressure the results were even more accurate, with a standard deviation of ± 2.9 mmHg.

This is a major step in our path toward bringing the Aktiia product to market and demonstrating that cuffless blood pressure technology can be safe and effective.

Aktiia’s cuffless solution

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