Our Latest Clinical Trial

June 2019

We’re happy to share that we have now concluded the measurement phase of our most recent clinical trial. This trial compares our cuffless optical blood pressure measurements at the wrist against an invasive reference, one of the most rigorous ways to validate our accuracy.

In February 2019, Aktiia SA joined efforts with Dr. Cyril Pellaton and his team in the Hôpital Neuchâtelois (HNE), Neuchâtel, Switzerland, to initiate a clinical trial. After approval from Swissmedic and the local Ethical Committee, the HNE team enrolled 30 critical patients elected for radial arterial catheterization at the ICU.

After inclusion, the HNE team recorded ground truth blood pressure measurements at the radial artery simultaneously with optical signals acquired at the wrist by a prototype of the Aktiia wearable. HNE and Aktiia SA are now happy to announce the inclusion of the last study patient and the initiation of the data analysis phase of the clinical trial.

One patient example of simultaneous Aktiia and invasive measurements

This valuable dataset is expected to be a major milestone in the development and optimization of Aktiia algorithms, and to contribute to our mission to bring blood pressure monitoring to daily life.