World Hypertension Day

May 2019

Today is both the one year anniversary of our company’s founding, as well as World Hypertension Day. World Hypertension Day was created by the International Society of Hypertension to encourage people around the world to learn more about hypertension and find out if they are at risk.

Hypertension is a global epidemic. One out of every three adults in the world is hypertensive, but half of them do not even know it. Undiagnosed and untreated hypertension leads to many preventable deaths every year, but the good news is that it’s possible to see major health improvements with positive lifestyle changes. The first step is knowing your condition by monitoring your blood pressure over time.

At Aktiia, we are working hard to create the best tool for easier diagnosis and better treatment of hypertension. Thank you for joining us in this journey. We will stay in touch with updates along the way, and we look forward to sharing this experience with you!