We founded aktiia to make a difference by fighting hypertension with cutting edge technology, removing stigma, saving lives, and saving millions in healthcare costs worldwide.

Mattia Bertschi, CEO & Co-Founder

TransLink has always been on the forefront of wearable technologies, and we are constantly on the lookout for pioneers. We are very excited to be a part of what will be a healthcare game changer.”

Eric Hsia, Managing Director, TransLink Capital

When this becomes available, we will have to re-write the chapter of diagnosis and management of hypertension.

Professor George S. Stergiou, Chairman, European Society of Hypertension

This technology is a quantum leap in the fight against hypertension and will revolutionize the way we look at blood pressure.

Michael Sidler, Co-Founder and Partner, Redalpine

For the last 14 years I’ve dedicated my entire energy to develop the first cuff-less technology to monitor blood pressure accurately. Now it's time to make this solution available worldwide.

Josep Sola, CTO & Co-Founder

Hypertension Affects Everybody

One in three adults have high blood pressure, and half don’t even know it. The result? Hypertensive people unnecessarily suffer higher rates of heart attack, stroke, and more. The solution to hypertension begins with monitoring, but current methods are time consuming, awkward, and so intimidating for some that the test itself can produce incorrect readings.

Reinventing Blood Pressure Monitoring

aktiia researchers have found a superior way to the century-old “cuff” method of blood pressure measurement: a tiny beam of light through the skin yields a wave that aktiia systems can decode into a constant feed of blood pressure information, providing precise, medical-grade information across hours, days, or weeks.

A Team to Make it Happen

Backed by strategic and experienced investors in medicine, technology, and healthcare-wearables space, our team of experts at aktiia is growing – and reinventing blood pressure monitoring.

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